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Media Attacks on Our Schools

In the spring of 2023, a national anti-public-education organization released a video attacking multiple Indiana school districts. They had actors meet with school administrators across our state under the guise that they were moving to a district and wanted to learn about the school system. They voiced concerns that extremists would negatively impact the educational experience of their supposed children. They secretly recorded the administrators addressing their concerns, then they sliced and diced that footage into a propaganda piece.

To provide an actual parent’s perspective on this, I decided to create a series of videos looking at what we actually do and do not hear administrators say in the videos. I also provide some context of these ongoing attacks on our schools, the groups perpetrating them and what they hope to gain for their efforts.

I’m embedding each episode of this series below, and you can also view them directly on the Carmel Schools Dad YouTube channel. Thanks for visiting this page and for caring about Hoosier kids in public schools across our state!

Episode 1

Indiana Public Schools:

Tools of Indoctrination?

Episode 2

Carmel Clay Schools:

Caught Red-Handed?

Episode 3

Plainfield Community School Corporation:

The White Privilege Walk?

Episode 4

The Attacks on Public Schools:

Other Players

Episode 5

Plainfield Community School Corporation:

Gay Teachers?!?!

Episode 6

Fairfield Community School Corporation:

Newsela Camouflaging the 1619 Project?



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