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Original NoBBS4CCS Homepage

Note: This content was originally hosted at during the 2022 CCS school board election.

  • Real Carmel Resident

  • Real Carmel Schools Parent

  • Really Opposed to Brake, Brown & Sharp

Hi, I’m Jim May. I’m a real person. I know that’s a weird way to start, but the official Facebook page for CCS school board candidates Jenny Brake, Greg Brown and Dr. Adam Sharp recently indicated that I’m not, so I figured I should get it out of the way upfront.

Why does the nobbs4ccs website exist?

In my opinion, a lot of the statements made by the Brake/Brown/Sharp campaign are misleading at best and outright false at worst. I civilly and factually engaged with them on some of their claims for several weeks on their campaign Facebook page. When I pointed out state data that directly contradicted a claim they made about student flight, they deleted every comment I had made, blocked me from the page and made a public post indicating I was a ‘cartoon citizen’ and ‘fictitious individual.’

Yes, the campaign running on the platform of parents’ rights and transparency banned a parent for posting publicly available state data in a public forum they control.

So now there’s this page. I intend for it to increase transparency into these candidates’ claims. If you’re a Carmel voter, I hope you’ll take several minutes to look around and share it with other voters as well.

The dropdown menu at the top is organized by claim and I’m adding pages to it as quickly as I can. Some are more detailed and thoroughly sourced than others, depending on the topic, but all are responses to positions stated or implied by the Brake/Brown/Sharp campaign. If you’ve seen them make a dubious claim that’s not listed here, please use the contact form to submit it, and I’ll review and possibly add it.

Some disclaimers:

  • I’m not running for office.

  • I’m not affiliated with a campaign (though I may end up volunteering for one in the coming weeks).

  • I’m just a parent who’s incredibly alarmed by what seems to be a well-funded group of candidates using fear-based tactics to misrepresent our school district so that they can make changes that aren’t needed. Changes that I believe could lead to actual decline in academic performance as opposed to a make-believe one.

  • This page reflects my opinions. I will do my best to thoroughly source the data that informs them so that you can evaluate if you share them.

  • Also, while I have no affiliation with their campaign(s), I will be voting for Kristin Kouka, Jennifer Nelson-Williams and Jake Nichols for school board. To me, they are clearly the candidates who understand why Carmel schools are so high performing and well regarded and I am confident they will continue to build on that success.



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