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Awful ILEARN Questions - 6th Grade

The following ILEARN questions were taken from the Indiana Department of Education's Repository Site. They are from the 6th grade English Language Arts evaluation portion of ILEARN. These are questions asked to 11-year-olds & 12-year-olds. To return to the main ILEARN page, click here.

6th Grade: 2018-2019 - Question 5

This question seems intentionally designed to allow two answers to be arguably correct. The author of the text opens by arguing for the use of technology because it “will help us acquire the skills we need.” If that’s truly his primary argument, C would be the best answer.

That said, all of the author’s supporting information relates not to the importance of students knowing how to use technology, but rather to the idea that technology will enhance the learning process. If that’s the intended primary argument, D would be the best answer.

6th Grade: 2021-2022 - Question 7

This question is quite confusing when you consider parts A and B together.

For Part A, answer A is a factually correct statement. It seems like a passable, potentially correct answer. Yet none of the answers for Part B support it. Answer A for Part B gets halfway there by mentioning bees’ positive charge, but mentions nothing of flowers having a negative charge.

Answer B under Part A is false, as demonstrated by the scientific experiment outlined within the text. The experiment established that bees do, in fact, seem able to recognize electrical fields, but also established that the flowers’ electrical fields are not inherently attractive to the bees. If the electrical fields were attractive to the bees, it obviously would not have taken them 50 visits to learn to visit the plastic flowers with the sweet solution and negative charge.

Answer C under Part A is also clearly not supported by the text. Nowhere does the text state or offer evidence that bees are attracted to all flowers. Additionally, as previously mentioned, the experiment showed that an electric field can be detected by bees and used to learn, but does not inherently attract them.

Answer D under Part A is another factually correct option. It is also supported by both answers C and D under Part B, but they support it equally and it would be pure guesswork to say which “best” support it. Beyond that, while Answer D is the only option for Part A that is both factually correct and has support from Part B, it is obviously only supporting information. In no way shape or form could it be considered the central idea of the text.

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